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Meet Our Clinicians

Dr Estelle Swart- Owner & Principal Dentist

Estelle opened Brighton Beach Dental in 2008 with the aim of bringing state-of-the-art dentistry services to Perth’s northern suburbs. Having four children of her own, Dr Swart understands the importance of developing good dental health habits early in life.

In order to change the perception of dentistry that many people have grown up with she has created a family dental practice with a warm, friendly and calming atmosphere.



Dr. Elaine Zepeda - Dentist

Dr. Elaine earned her qualification in Dental Medicine from Centro Escolar University in 2004 and gained extensive experience by working in various dental sectors before eventually opening her own practice. She had completed an advanced preceptorship in Orthodontics before moving to Australia in 2010.

Dr. Elaine continues to expand her knowledge by working with highly skilled dentists in the fields of periodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry.

She is very passionate about her job and finds pleasure in enriching her patients’ awareness on oral health. She is also an advocate for charities overseas and regularly participates in dental missions. Outside of dentistry, Dr Elaine enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures. She also has a keen appreciation of various forms of art which has cultivated her interest and talent in interior design.



Dr Mildred Ortiz Solarte - Dentist

Dr Mildred’s inspiration for becoming a dentist was influenced mainly by her parents who were biology and chemistry teachers. She loved reading their biology and chemistry books and learning about how the human body works.

In 1994, Dr Mildred graduated with her dental degree from The Colombian Dentistry School UNICOC- Colombia. She also possesses the following:

  • Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry – 2006 University Andrés Bello – Chile (passed with maximum distinction with honours)
  • Specialist in Restorative Dentistry- 1999 University of Chile – Chile (graduated with distinction)
  • Master’s degree in Pedagogy Education in Adults- 2012 University Mayor

Always wanting to challenge herself to improve and develop as a dentist, Dr Mildred enjoys furthering her education. In Australia, she has taken courses in Digital Dentistry and Smile Design.

Dr Mildred also loves teaching. In Chile, she used to be a lecturer of dental materials at the University Diego Portales. Her background has allowed her to be a member of the Assessment Committee of the Australian Dental Council.

In Her Spare Time

Outside the practice, Dr Mildred loves doing Hot Pilates and likes outdoor sports such as hiking and trekking. Dr Mildred is also an animal lover and enjoys taking early morning walks with her dog.

Her other favourite hobbies include reading thrillers and doing craftwork such as the artistic mosaic technique. "Treating a patient from the start to the end of their treatment plan,and seeing what a huge change this treatment has had on the patient’s life, their confidence and happiness is a massive reward of being dentist."



Laura - Hygienist

Laura joined the Brighton Beach Dental Team over 4 years ago and has been residing in sunny Australia since 2007.  She qualified as a hygienist in the UK 15 years ago and is mother to gorgeous twins.

Laura is also an avid gym member where she spends most of her time if not with her family.  She partakes in yearly bodybuilding competitions, health and fitness being her passion, along with teeth of course!



Sue - Hygienist

Sue has been a dental hygienist since 1997. She started her career in South Africa as a hygienist as a result of her love for the medical field and helping people stay in good health. In her spare time, Sue looks after her three boys, all of which are in school.

Sue is also a talented creative type, enjoying baking and painting. Sue doesn’t just focus on her dental health, she also keeps physically healthy by keeping up an active jogging routine.



Heloise Swart - Oral Health Therapist

Heloise has completed a Bachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy) at Curtin University and is registered as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) with Adult Scope. She is strongly focused on disease prevention, oral health promotion and periodontal management.

Heloise is very passionate about helping patients achieve confidence with their smile and aims to make each dental appointment a pleasant visit.

Oral Health Therapists can perform many common dental procedures including but not limited to preventive dental treatment such as oral cancer screening, scale and clean, periodontal (gum) assessment and treatment, fissure sealants, radiographs (x-ray), teeth whitening and more complex procedures such as temporary and permanent fillings, placing stainless steel crowns or extracting baby teeth.

An Oral Health Therapist with Adult Scope can also provide above treatment on adults as well as children.