Grinding & Clenching

One such practical remedy is the use of a bite plate that has been custom-fitted by your dentist.

Wearable day or night,it acts as a bumper guard, absorbing the force of the clenching or grinding.While horseshoe-shaped over-the-counter night guards are also available, they tend to be uncomfortable and are so soft that they may get chewed away. In addition, over-the-counter night guards do not account for occlusal discrepancies that may be the source of your bruxing problems; a night guard custom fabricated by your dentist's laboratory technician does.

Unfortunately, many of the soft night guards actually stimulate a wearer to grind in their sleep. Although the teeth may be protected by a soft night guard, the muscles and jaw joints will not be protected; thus, many muscle symptoms (such as headaches), will increase with the use of soft appliances. Custom-fitted plates, made of hard acrylic, can help bruxers avoid such problems.

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